Apr 09

Prepper Meetup Groups in Wyoming


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Wyoming Survivalists, A.N.T.S, Preppers (APN Partner Group)



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  1. nick tabler

    wyoming prepper looking for others for a front line support and defence system

  2. willy J

    Hello Nick,

    Im Bill James in Lander. Been here 2 yrs nice place think I might stay another winter…..BRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    Want to to talk ? Im in the book or [opsec].

    Been prepping for 10yrs some good things I can share and the wifey is the brains of this operation.

    I go to Caspar on a regular basis. Its not too far.

    As for your posting title will see. Im no LEO or alphabet soup jockey just a guy.

    So will make a point of getting some coffee time and have a chat.

    Later Wm.

  3. Nick

    Yea,the more the stronger.lets meet for a discreet meeting

  4. Nick

    You bet I would love to have som time ti sit with you and discuss certain things.throw a dart at a day and tell me when.

  5. Emmly

    It’s a pleasure to find such raotanility in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

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