Apr 05

The SHTF Has Happened – What now?

by watching and waiting


I am a new prepper and like most I am overwhelmed by how dependent we are on our ‘electronically run society’. We have lost the values and character of our forefathers and America is paying for it. After reading many well written articles about how to survive, I noticed very little if anything has been written about what will happen in the bunker or once we leave it.
I have watched the Doomsday Preppers and read as many articles I could find on APN and no one talks about after the bunker door is closed. To wait out the worst of the event it will be months if not years. What do preppers plan to do; you have your food, water and supplies to survive now are you just going to veg? We all have heard the expression ‘cabin fever’ and the stories of enforced boredom and no lasting solutions to relieve it.

The families with children will need to continue educating them and themselves to keep their own minds sharp. We have all lived through the ‘I’m bored’ and ‘There is nothing to do’ phases. What is going to happen once the family confines itself in a limited space for an unknown duration? As anyone who has ever been camping or on a long car trip knows, you have to have plenty of distractions. Education is fine but it isn’t enough you should also store an assortment of paper books, games and puzzles which don’t need anything but an active mind and a small space. If a member of the family has a hobby that doesn’t take up a lot of the space, then be sure to stock up on their supplies as well.


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  1. Anna

    First of all, if we are in a total shtf situation, we aren’t going to have much time to do anything but work on survival. Think doing everything by hand with one hand tied behing your back in the dark. Even simple things are going to become exceedingly difficult. That said, it would depend a bit on the ages of your children but I’d begin with books, games, craft items and lots of chores. My kids learned real early that if they complained of not having anything to do, I ‘d find them some chores to help them stave off boredom!! Its amazing how kids can entertain themselves given the proper incentive.

    For myself, I have books, games (hopefully dh will be bored enough to joint me), treadle sewing machine, fabric, thread, patterns, knitting needles & yarn, boxes of genealogy information that needs collated, 50 years of pictures that need sorted, closets that need cleaned and sorted and a full basement full of stuff that needs reorganization and cleaning. It would take way longer than 3 months for me to run out of things to do. If I run out of other reading material, I also have Mother Earth News from issue 1 thru 15 or so years, Countryside going back to 1971 and Backwoods Home going back 10 years.

  2. HContos

    What a great reminder guys! Thanks! Having home schooled before, I agree. Not only as a distraction, but for everyone’s minds to stay ‘sharp’. I just cleared out tons and tons of educational magazines/science kits and the like. Now I wish I hadn’t, lol. They would have made a nice edition to our bug-out camper stock :)

    1. Pencari

      Great post. I’ve yet to find someone who sums up what I feel latley about the economy (domestic and international), politics (both parties), the media, history, survivalism all of it in one place and so succinctly. Plus, you managed to retain your sense of humor. Thanks for a thought-provoking discussion and nice writing!

  3. finnen

    The children ages will dictate a lot of this I have everything from late teens to toddlers at home the teens and almost teens are easy work is a great distraction from problems. The younger will be more challenging since they will require you setting aside a worker to take care of them or take them with you. The easiest I have found is to have the least productive worker to do chores that require they sit and work like repairing saddles and shoes, snapping beans, etc… the kids like to help for a while and some other work is getting done. Learning should be reserved for those time nothing else can be done such at night, bad weather, etc.. so you aren’t losing workers from other tasks. I understand the importance of education but survival trumps it hands down. It won’t do the kids any good to learn 3 languages, world history, and algebra if they die of starvation or some such.

  4. News Hub

    What on earth will we do without all our electronic devices???

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